February 27, 2008

Mark Your Calendar: Radio Interview March 7, 2008

Though many of the concepts in The Wisdom of the Rooms are universal, and thus accessible to other truth-seekers besides 12 Step adherents, Michael Z has chosen to openly discuss the book and its significance with 12-Step and recovery-based internet radio station Take12Radio.com.  The station, owned and managed by Montgomery Dale Meyer (aka Monty Man), maintains a format of recovery talk and positive music, and will be speaking with Michael Z for Take12Radio.com.  The interview will be available for listening on Friday, March 7, 2008.  Tune in and get a dose of Wisdom!

February 26, 2008


I came into the program with so much fear. I didn't even know how much fear dominated my life because I used drugs, alcohol, food, sex, people, anything I could to hide from it. As I began to get clean and sober, the fear bubbled up to the surface of my life and quickly manifested itself as anger, rage, irritability, discomfort and depression. I was not a happy camper in early recovery.

What amazed me about the people who would share in meetings was how they were able to walk through real life stuff that I knew would devastate me if I was faced with it. Deaths of those near to them, losing jobs, houses, spouses, illnesses, suffering, pain, etc. "How do they deal with all this and stay sober?" I wondered. "Where do they get the strength to face all this with peace, dignity and courage?"

Today I know this courage comes from God. Today my fear has been replaced with faith in my Higher Power and I now know - from watching others and from my own experience of letting God lead me through my own difficulties - that I, too, can face life on life's terms and go through it all with peace, dignity and courage.

Today I know the truth in the saying, "If God leads you to it, He will lead you through it."

February 22, 2008


When I came into the program, I had a lot of problems and most of them were your fault. My girlfriend didn't understand me; my boss didn't appreciate me; the police didn't like it when I drove after just a few drinks (I was fine!), and on and on. If everyone would just get off my back, then I’d be fine I thought.

When I began working my program, I was introduced to the 4th Step - made a searching and fearless moral inventory - and my sponsor showed me how to make a list of all the persons and institutions I resented. Finally I could put down on paper and document how I had been wronged. Perfect! I thought. But then he slipped in a fourth column called, "My Part", and told me to document my role in all my resentments and interactions.

Now that was a tough pill to swallow. With his help though, and a willingness to be fearless and thorough, I was able to see that I did have a part in them all. And what a gift that turned out to be! I discovered that if it was all your fault - and I certainly couldn't control or change you - then I would forever be a victim and nothing would change. But if I took responsibility for my part - which was something I could control and change - then I was released from the bondage of resentment and was finally free to live a new and better life. Thank God!

Today I understand the wisdom in the quote: "If I'm not the problem, then there is no solution."

February 20, 2008

Podcasts Now Available!

You can hear the first two episodes and subscribe here: 


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February 12, 2008

Press Release: Betty Ford Center

World-famous drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, noted for being the "rehab to the stars" now carries "The Wisdom of the Rooms" in its book store.

First Book Signing!

Hello everyone.  First, I want to thank you all for your kind reviews and emails about how much you like my book, and about how much you enjoy getting your Weekly Wisdom Quotes.  In fact, I'm posting one today, Saturday, that is coming out next Monday - so you'll get a first reading of it!

Also, I wanted to let you know of some exciting news in regards to The Wisdom of the Rooms.  First, I'm having my first Book Signing on March 29th, Saturday from 2pm to 5pm, at a store called My 12 Step Store in West Hollywood. (visit:www.my12stepstore.com) for information on the store, address, etc.  You can also buy the book here:   The Wisdom of the Rooms 

I'll be reading from the book, answering questions, and signing copies.  Be sure to attend if you can.  Also, My 12 Step Store is a wonderful resource for books, cards, medallions, clothes, and all sorts of things - and they also have copies of my book right now! - so do stop by.  You'll really enjoy it...

Coming Soon: Wisdom of the Rooms Podcasts!

Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for Wisdom of the Rooms podcasts, enabling you to hear The Wisdom from the author, Michael Z, himself. Stay tuned!

February 4, 2008

"If I keep doing what I was doing, I'll keep getting what I was getting."

I remember when I was new to recovery I was very willing to follow suggestions. I went to 90 in 90, and I got a home group, and I got 4 commitments, and I got a sponsor and worked the steps, etc. I did a lot and I got a lot - my life got better, I felt better, situations improved and I began to recover. Even the promises began to come true.

Now that I'm deep in recovery, I find that I'm not as active as I used to be. I still go to meetings and I have commitments, but I find I'm not doing all the things I used to do. And I've also found that I'm not getting out of the program what I used to get. When I heard this quote I immediately made the connection.

When I spoke with my sponsor about this, he reminded me that I didn't need to go out to restart my program. There are always new comers who need sponsors, meetings that need help, and I could always add a meeting or two. And the good news is that as soon as I start doing what I did, I'll start getting what I got. So if you're not feeling it these days, just think back to what you did and start doing it again.